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Press release 28/03/2024


Initiated by CS Group, Magellium, and vorteX-io, the consortium of companies also comprising BRL Ingénierie, CERFACS, CLS, HydroMatters, MEOSS, SERTIT and the Data Terra Research Infrastructure (CNES, CNRS, INRAE, IRD), is committed to developing an industry of excellence in Space Hydrology, supporting the French France 2030 and the European Destination Earth programs, and contributing to the United Nations’ Early Warnings for All initiative.

Toulouse, March 28, 2024 – CS Group, Magellium, and vorteX-io, winners of the France 2030 call for programme for the use of satellite data in water monitoring and management, join forces with other partners and announce the launch of HydroVenture, the first Operational Center for Space Hydrology. This initiative aims to develop an industry of excellence in Space Hydrology by offering new products and services for the observation, modeling, and real-time management of Earth’s water resources.

Working to enhance global water knowledge and governance, HydroVenture provides an innovative solution that uses space data in combination with in-situ measurements and data modeling. This approach enables real-time monitoring and management of continental hydrological systems and addresses current challenges related to water data heterogeneity, lack of shared cross-border data, and limitations of existing ground sensor networks. By integrating available data and integrating those collected by upcoming space missions, HydroVenture paves the way for in-depth analysis and forecasts to monitor water stocks, mitigate flood and drought risks, and enhance water quality.

Bringing together leading players in the fields of Hydrology and Space, most of them members of the Aerospace Valley cluster, the consortium will meet the needs of private companies, state services, and international intergovernmental organizations involved in water resource management. This unprecedented public-private cooperation will support the development of an industry of excellence in space hydrology, contributing to France’s national Water Plan as well as the France 2030 initiative. It also aligns with European ambitions, capitalizing on the complementarity of the EU member states, European directives, and the vision of environmental EU programs such as DestinE and Copernicus. Finally, the consortium will be well-positioned to contribute to the UN Early Warning Services by the end of 2027.

HydroVenture will actively encourage the participation of research laboratories, startups, SMEs, industrial groups, and public sector actors. Together, they will form a dynamic partnership to feed data into the future Digital Twin Earth for Hydrology and develop new commercial products and services to address water-related challenges in various economic and geopolitical sectors, including transportation, agriculture, health, and civil security.

HydroVenture represents an open and dynamic collaboration among scientific experts specializing in spatial observation data, in-situ measurements, and numerical modeling, brought together within IR Data Terra and its THEIA hub, notably involving CNES, CNRS, INRAE, and IRD. The consortium builds on decades of commitment to Research and Development, and on a strategy to valorize scientific and industrial innovations strongly supported by CNES, “ said representatives from Data Terra.

HydroVenture will be structured around three pillars: an Operational Monitoring Center for real-time water cycle monitoring, a R&D Center with a collaborative Living Lab, and a Commercial Service offering value-added solutions via a marketplace.

To join the initiative, please visit the website.

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Press contacts

HydroVenture et vorteX-io: Laurence Collet – 07 86 27 36 43 –

CS Group: Barbara Goarant –

Magellium: Clarisse Fatel –


CS Group, a subsidiary of the Sopra Steria group, specializes in the design and integration of mission-critical systems in the fields of defense and security, space, aeronautics and energy. The CS Group is one of Europe’s leading players in space engineering, from operations – for all types of mission – to space applications, and has more than 800 employees in Europe (in France – Toulouse – the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom). Through its Image Processing skills center, CS Group leverages its dual expertise in spatial data processing and hydrology to make the most of satellite information.



Magellium, a specialized engineering company, has been providing high added-value solutions, products and services for 26 years in high-tech fields including imaging, Earth observation, video processing, software and systems conception and integration and cartography. Through strategic partnerships with leading industrial and academic players, Magellium has acquired renowned expertise in the scientific and technological fields of space-based Earth observation, signal and image processing, digital geography and geographic information systems, enabling it to develop and operate turnkey systems in its areas of expertise.



vorteX-io is revolutionizing continental hydrology with turnkey solutions for monitoring watercourses, improving flood and drought risk management. Their offering integrates next generation in-situ sensors with a real-time visualization and alert SaaS platform. The company’s solutions are sold in all sectors exposed to water risks, including civil security, tourism, insurance, transport, industry and energy. Recognized by the European Innovation Council for its game-changing service, vortex-io is supported by the EIC Accelerator to deploy Europe’s first River Forecasting Service (WHYLD project) by June 2025.

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