About HydroVenture

hydroventure space hydrology europe
hydroventure space hydrology europe
About us

HydroVenture, space observation for global water resources management

Given the urgent need to improve water governance on a global scale, HydroVenture wants to combine space data and hydrological field data (in-situ data) for real-time measurement and management of continental hydrological systems.

About Us

HydroVenture combines space data and in-situ data

About us

Let's shape together the future of hydrology

The water market is constantly growing, generating a wide range of demands.

HydroVenture is a public-private initiative that aims at meeting the needs of private companies, national services and international organisations involved in water resources management. 

The Hydroventure service will provide new products and services for monitoring, modelling and managing the world’s water resources in real time. It will offer in-depth analyses and forecasts to serve applications such as water stocks monitoring, floods and droughts prevention, or water quality monitoring.

Through a large alliance of partners, HydroVenture  wants to create a Hydrology Digital Twin of the Earth and aims at contributing to the ambitions of the European environmental programmes like Copernicus and DestinE, providing inputs to the Early Warning Systems and contributing to meeting the United Nations’SDGs .


increase in water data by 2050

220 M€

estimated value of the water market by 2031

hydroventure space hydrology europe
hydroventure space hydrology europe
About us

Our Vision

HydroVenture’s vision is to actively encourage the participation of the various players in the field of hydrology in a dynamic partnership able to face the challenges related to the water resources of our planet.

hydroventure space hydrology europe
hydroventure space hydrology europe


Encouraging unprecedented collaboration by pooling efforts and resources.


Providing an innovative solution that meets today's needs.

Water for Humanity

Providing tools for water management to help the most affected populations.

About us

The structure of HydroVenture

Operational monitoring

provide generic services and real-time indicators for monitoring spatio-temporal inland water events and changes in the planet's water cycles.


in spatial hydrology: provide public and private users with a collaborative Living Lab for researching and prototyping innovative and sustainable solutions for water monitoring and management.

Marketing of Services

offer a large range of highly added-value and dedicated solutions, available on a user-friendly marketplace.

About us

The Members of HydroVenture

The HydroVenture alliance gathers  leading players in the field of hydrology and space.

cs group hydroventure space hydrology europe

CS Group

Specialised company in the design and integration of mission-critical systems in the defence and security, space, aeronautics and energy sectors.

magellium hydroventure space hydrology europe

Magellium Artal Group

Specialised engineering company offering high added-value solutions and services in high-tech fields including Earth observation, Imaging, video processing, software and systems and cartography.

vortex-io hydroventure space hydrology europe


vorteX-io is revolutionizing continental hydrology with turnkey solutions for monitoring watercourses, improving flood and drought risk management. Their offering integrates next generation in-situ sensors with a real-time visualization and alert SaaS platform.

brl ingenierie hydroventure space hydrology europe

BRL Ingénierie

Hydrologists, hydraulic engineers and computer scientists developing information systems for water management, flood early warning and decision support using spatial and in situ data in France and abroad (https://wimes.fr)

cerfacs hydroventure space hydrology europe


Cerfacs is a research center in numerical modelling and High Performance Computing. Cerfacs develops innovative methods and software to address research issues of public and industrial interest in aeronautics, space, climate, energy and environment sectors.

data terra hydroventure space hydrology europe

Data Terra

Data Terra is a French Research E-Infrastructure in the Earth system and environment domain. Its main mission is to develop a global access, process and combine multi-source data in response to global challenges. Its members includes CNES, CNRS, INRAE, IRD.

hydromatters hydroventure space hydrology europe


Hydro Matters conducts research on continental waters, lakes, rivers and floodplains, in close collaboration with worldwide research institutes. We are experts in the use of satellite and in situ data for hydrology, as well as their integration into models for monitoring and forecasting.

meoss hydroventure space hydrology europe


MEOSS uses satellite images to improve water management for irrigation. Monitoring water reserves, irrigation, water quality and drought are all part of our operational decision-making tools for public and private players.

sertit hydroventure space hydrology europe


SERTIT, the specialised platform of the ICUBE laboratory at the University of Strasbourg, has been a recognised player in Earth observation for over 35 years, developing applications for monitoring resources and territories.

cls hydroventure space hydrology europe


CLS, a subsidiary of CNES & CNP, is a global company that provides monitoring & surveillance solutions for Earth. A key player in space hydrology, CLS monitors water height, volume & flow rate, in near-real time from +20,000 sites.